Top 7 Alternatives of CricHD Live Streaming

Sport live streaming is pretty prevalent these days, and you may easily find people who are live-streaming their favorite sport in your neighborhood.

The wonderful thing about sports streaming websites is that you can use them for free and at any time.

I think it’s a good idea because we can’t go outside to play games or anything during the lockdown. However, we may watch our favorite sport and enjoy it. It’s also a fun hobby to participate in.


The challenge now is deciding which site is the finest, as there are so many on the internet. CricHD is one of them, and it is well-known among all consumers.

CricHD is a great site for streaming sports, particularly Cricket matches. Other sports are also streamed on this site, although not all of the information is available for free.

This produced a slew of problems for all users, prompting them to look for other options.

So don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 CricHD alternatives.

These sites have the same functionality as CricHD. You can also view the content on these sites for free. So, for live streaming of your favorite sport, have a look at this list of the top 7 CricHD alternatives.

Top 7 CricHD Live Streaming Alternatives

1. Hotstar

Hotstar is a popular service that offers free live streaming of movies, TV episodes, and sports channels. This website offers a variety of live sports matches and updates.

This service allows you to watch numerous live sports matches on the Star Sports channel. This site’s content is available in about 9 languages and is of high quality.

The use of ad-free films increases the popularity of the service among its consumers. If you despise commercials interspersed with your streaming, this is the ideal alternative for you.

2. BBC iPlayer (British Broadcasting Corporation)

It’s another live-streaming option besides CricHD. Despite the fact that the content on this site is not entirely free. However, you may watch a variety of sporting events and competitions for free.

Users can search for sports using the search box on the website’s home page. You may also get news updates here, as well as explore other possibilities.

So, give this site a shot and view a wide range of sports films in HD resolution. You also don’t have to be concerned about security. Because the content on this website is lawful.


I’m sure you’ve heard of SONY LIV, which is a popular service for streaming TV episodes, movies, news, and sports.

This website allows you to watch live sporting events, particularly Cricket matches. If you enjoy Cricket, then this is the site for you!

4. Loala1

This is only for sports enthusiasts. Cricket, soccer, tennis, hockey, handball, and more sports are all available to watch here. Because this site exclusively contains sport-related stuff, you won’t need to go anyplace else after visiting it.

The exciting aspect is that this site never has any buffering because it runs on a speedy server. As a result, you may watch your favorite sport in high definition and without buffering.

5. Sky Sports

The site’s name is derived from Sky Sports, a well-known British sports television channel. This website offers a diverse selection of sports channels for streaming. This site’s content covers a wide range of topics.

You may also enjoy high-definition viewing of your favorite sport. Its features are fantastic and simple to use, which is why it is so popular.

The site’s layout is well-organized, and you can quickly select the sports of your choosing. You can get news updates on matches, scores, and everything else in addition to sports videos and matches.

6. MyLiveCricket

You can see by the name that this website is for Cricket fans. You can watch live streaming of all Cricket matches from across the world on this website.

You won’t have any server problems because this site has four servers.

You have the opportunity to migrate to any server that is operational.

Although the content on this site is of high quality, the advertisements make it difficult to use. Aside from that, it’s a great and well-organized service for watching Cricket matches online.

7. VipBox

It is the last item on our list, but it contains a lot of interesting features. You will find a wide variety of sports here, as well as live streaming of any event.

If you adore sports and watching contests, this site is the perfect option for you.

As you can see, there is a variety of streaming options available here.

This service is used among sports fans for live sports match streaming. This service focuses on football and soccer events, but you can also watch Cricket, basketball, and a variety of other sports online.

You won’t have to worry about adverts or other distracting elements on this site, and you’ll be able to stream in peace. As a result, we recommend this website to all football and soccer fans.

Well, the site’s layout and content are both fully secure and legal, so feel free to use them.


Everyone likes sports and wants to watch them live, as we can see around us. They don’t have time because of their hectic schedules, thus these sites connect sports fans to their favorite games.

With just one click, they may watch their favorite sport from any location. All of this is possible thanks to sports streaming websites.

Another intriguing aspect is that you can use these websites for free. CricHD becomes popular among sports fans as a result of all of this. However, not all of the content on our site is free, which is why we provide you with a variety of options.

So don’t stop streaming and continue to enjoy your favorite sport on these websites. You get not only high-quality content but also unrestricted access.