10 Best Sites Like Cartoon Crazy to Watch Cartoon Online in 2023

Cartoons are not just restricted to a certain age group anymore. Cartoons originated in Japan, popularly known as ‘anime’, have diehard fans all around the world. Cartoon Crazy is an online platform dedicated entirely to cartoons and anime. It is regularly updated with all the new stuff that you can watch anytime and anywhere on a stable internet connection.

Categories related to various genres are present on the site. You can choose the movie belonging to your favorite genre. The search box is also present which helps you to directly type the name and search your show or movie. Anime dubbed movies are also available. You are able to sort the lists according to genre or year of release. It has a good recommendation system as well.

10 Best Sites Like Cartoon Crazy

Sometimes, Cartoon Crazy may not be accessible due to several reasons. You may look for alternatives in such cases rather than spoiling the mood. Best alternatives to Cartoon Crazy are discussed below.

1. Masterani

Masterani is one of the best options available for online streaming of anime. It does not require you to register or pay any amount. This site has an amazing collection of anime related content available in HD quality. There are over 2500 titles present to explore.

You can navigate the show you want to watch through genres such as Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Comedy, Romance etc., or simply search it using the search bar. The site is updated routinely with new movies and episodes. You are also informed of the upcoming shows and movies. It offers a smooth streaming and user-friendly interface which is totally amazing.

2. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is a fantastic platform that has been created to provide free access to the users to movies, shows and videos including that of anime in a high resolution picture. You can play the content from this site on Android devices without any hassle. It is more fun watching content in ultra-modern pixels using Terrarium TV.

It has a good server connection that prevents buffering. The collection of movies, shows, and videos is quite impressive. The trending section is given separately, saving you time. Overall, Terrarium TV is a great option to explore anime related content.

3. Horriblesubs

Horriblesubs serves as an online streaming platform that not only allows you to watch anime but also download it to your device. The collection is huge and new content is added to it without any delay. You do not need to sign up in order to view the content.

They provide a schedule list which is like a timetable showing when a particular show airs. A comment section is also available where you can read and write reviews related to a particular movie or series. Horriblesubs won’t let you down when it comes to enjoying your favorite anime for free and in good quality.

4. Daisuki

Daisuki is another online streaming website that focuses on anime. It was developed by some Japanese production companies together. In order to play the content, you need to buy subscription packages. This means that you are buying a premium membership of the site and you can stream the content absolutely limitlessly.

You won’t get irritated by ads or lagging during the key moments. You can also use this as an application. You can browse directly the show you want to watch or explore through the given lists. It offers fast and high-quality streaming of the content.

5. NarutoGet

NarutoGet is a pretty popular website that gives you access to a quite vast collection of anime series and movies, totally free of cost. Manga is also available. It has an excellent interface. The fascinating design of the website attracts more users.

One of the key features of this website is the availability of subbed and dubbed versions, so language won’t be a barrier. Different categories such as Boruto, Shippuden, and Naruto are given in subbed and dubbed versions separately. A brief and simple description of each episode is also provided.

6. AnimeSeason

Animeseason is a great place to enjoy your favourite anime shows and series for free. Content is played in HD quality, provided you have a fast internet connection. Shows belonging to different genres such as Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural, etc. are present on the website.

Trending list and news about the latest anime is also given so you can keep up with all the hot topics related to anime. You don’t need to buy any subscription packages to access the content. Animeseason is a very popular website and you can also join other millions of users who are using this site to their best.

7. DubbedAnime

For all the users who face language issues but have the enthusiasm towards watching anime, DubbedAnime brings to you a great collection of subbed and dubbed versions of anime. You can limitlessly watch all the content available on this website without having to pay a single penny. All you require is a good internet connection.

The site is updated with the newest movies and episodes on a daily basis. Most Viewed and Most favourite options are also given. On clicking these buttons, different lists are displayed containing the trending and top rated anime. Information about the upcoming anime is also given.

8. Netflix

You must hear the word Netflix almost every day in your life. It is one of the most widely used websites and applications. There are millions of people using Netflix. It has tons of movies and shows related to anime. With its fast server connection, every show runs quite smoothly. It has a very user-friendly interface and an appealingly simple layout.

Featured and trending searches are also given. For almost every movie or show, a preview is available. The name of the actors, directors, and storyline is provided as well. It displays good recommending features by showing similar searches. Netflix is the best option you can use but to achieve access to these features, you need to buy a monthly or annual package.

9. BabyAnime

BabyAnime is a fantastic platform that airs anime for free. You can stream the content anytime and anywhere. The collection ranges from old classic stuff to new latest movies and shows. Infact, English dubbed versions along with subtitles are also available.

The search bar is also given to directly find out what you want to watch by its name. It is an easy to use website with a number of features that you surely do not want to miss out on.

10. Animeultima

Animeultima is one of the leading websites that offer free streaming of media related to anime.All categories of genres are enlisted with a large number of movies and shows. Information about the characters and plot for Each movie and show is given in an explicit manner.

Subtitles for most of the content can also be viewed. English dubbed versions are also a part of the collection. Animeultima is a stunning website for exploring and enjoying your favorite anime without having to go through complicated steps.


Cartoons and anime are worth watching because they can bring out the emotions in you just as much as real life characters sometimes. You can dive deep into the world of anime by choosing the right website for yourself. There are an unimaginable number of options available.

Sites such as Netflix give you a paid subscription to its content along with a number of premium features. Free sites such as AnimeSeason, Masterani, or NarutoGet can also be accessed. Some surely have additional and better features than the others but you can go for the one that suits you the best.