5 Best Free VPN for 2023

You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your online web browsing. You send or give your information to a server whenever you visit various websites. This will result in a loss of internet privacy. Your detail may go missing from time to time.

As a result, using a VPN server to protect your data and information is critical.

This post will provide you with all of the information you need regarding VPN services and why you should use them. This is going to be quite useful information for you.


The five finest VPN services that offer free service to their consumers are listed below.

1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is the best free VPN for 2023

ProtonVPN is at the top of this list, with numerous advantages. This website offers its consumers completely free services. It includes user-friendly software with no data or speed limitations. This is a significant benefit to its users. Another advantage is that it is compatible with all devices, including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and routers.

As a result, everyone can utilize it on any device they own. Another benefit of using this free server is access to Netflix, which is something that everyone wants to watch. Netflix, on the other hand, makes a concerted effort to identify and ban such servers on a regular basis.

To avoid this, you’ll need to pick a VPN that isn’t blocked. It also has drawbacks, including poor connections for some users.

This indicates that this server has a higher number of users than free protonVPN servers. Furthermore, torrent sites are not available for download. It comes in both a free and a premium edition. ProtonVPN’s free version is only available in three countries: the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands.

The number of ProtonVPN servers available is restricted, and you may only use it on one device at a time. Because it is a free VPN server, anyone can use it after registering. With all of this, it has gained a lot of traction, which is why it is at the top of this list of the 5 best free VPN servers.

2. Hide.me

Another excellent solution with additional capabilities is Hide.me. Users can choose between a premium or free version, just like ProtonVPN. It’s a zero-logs server that never saves any of your internet activity data. This is how your privacy is protected.

They exclusively offer their free services in four countries: Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. Their customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Users of the free version can now download torrents that were previously unavailable. There is no speed limit in the free version. This is an advantage for its users. Any operating system can use the Hide.me program. Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android, Linux, and other operating systems are examples.

Despite all of these advantages, it has significant drawbacks. For starters, it is not compatible with Netflix. Second, it only allows access to one device at a time, allowing users to safeguard only one device at a time.

Another negative is the data cap, which is only 10GB per month.

3. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is another alternative for users who just wish to use VPN services that are completely free. This VPN’s website and apps are incredibly user-friendly, with a distinctive interface that everyone can use. Because the free version has no restrictions, any user can choose from any of the servers offered.

It has 26 servers in Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Spain, France, Brazil, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Even if it has certain flaws, it is still the greatest free VPN. It will be thrilling because it will be accessible on multiple devices at the same time. It gives you a monthly data restriction of 500MB.

Free users have restricted access to help, which means they do not receive a prompt resolution to their problems.

TunnelBear’s free version, on the other hand, provides good service with some limits. You can use it if you don’t do much surfing on a hazardous network.

4. Use a wingscribe

Wingscibe is the best VPN for all of your devices. It’s also absolutely free and comes with a high-level encryption function. It never makes you worried about your safety or privacy. It has 11 servers spread across the globe. It works on any operating system, including Android and Windows.

Their servers run nicely and quickly. Another benefit is that it may be used on several devices at the same time. It only gives consumers 2GB of data each month, which is extremely limited. Despite the data limitation, it operates at a good speed on any device.

5. ZoogVPN is a virtual private network

ZoogVPN is a fast VPN service that also has a free version. You’ll find a variety of encryptions arranged here. The disadvantage is that it only provides 128-bit encryption, whereas other free VPNs offer AES 256-bit encryption. This VPN is compatible with Mac, Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

It also features a Kill switch, which is a fantastic feature that can be utilized by free users as well. There are just three servers available, which is a significant disadvantage. It has servers in the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Another restriction is that only one device can be used at a time. But refusing it isn’t such a huge deal. Despite these drawbacks, it remains the finest and fastest VPN.


We hope you find this material to be useful. We advocate using a free VPN for a limited period only, not on a regular basis. As you can see, every free VPN service has a bandwidth cap. If you wish to use a VPN for continuous internet browsing, you will have to pay for VPN services.

So, choose a VPN based on your needs and safety concerns. Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think about this article and what other VPNs you use.