How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

You must have seen a lot of gamers steaming their strategies and tactics to the world through gaming platforms across the globe. And, gamers need to take screenshots at some moments, to provide some specific information, or to report a bug or fault in the game.

As per the features of the Steam platform, just by pressing the F12 function key (hotkey), you can easily snap a screenshot of your screen while steaming any game. You will also receive a notification, saying the same. You can share or upload this screenshot directly without leaving the game. And this screenshot will also get saved on the steam folder in your system.

How to Find & Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Sometimes, you may not be able to locate the folder or the screenshot you have taken. Though, this problem can be easily solved by using these two tips. First by accessing it via the screenshot manager folder and the second is by accessing it physically, through hard drive storage. Let’s discuss them briefly.

1. Using Screenshot Manager

Screenshot, taken while steaming can be easily accessed in the Screenshot Manager folder of your steaming platform by following these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, Open your streaming platform.

Step 2: Now, from the upper left corner of the Menu Bar, select View.

Step 3: Choose Screenshots from the dropdown list.

Step 4: Finally, Click on the Show on disk.

After the last step, you can now directly access your steam screenshots through the hard drive. You can also delete the undesirable screenshots permanently by deleting them from the hard drive.

By using Screenshot manager, upload and delete your screenshots directly from the steam platform.

2. Accessing the Screenshot folder manually

For every system, there is a folder where all the screenshots taken in the game are physically present. This folder is usually located within the folder of your installed steam platform, which is by default is present in the C Drive your system. You can directly delete or share your screenshot from this folder.  It can be directly found by following steps:

Step 1: Open folder Program Files (x86) in the Local Disk C (or the disk where you have installed the steam platform) on your system.

Step 2: Now, within the Stream folder open the UserData subfolder.

Step 3: Open the folder saved as the name of your SteamID.

Step 4: Select the 760 folder in it and then open the remote folder.

Step 5: Find the application ID folder and open it.

Step 6: Finally, select the Screenshots folder which will contain all your screenshots from the game.

How to find your SteamID?

You can find your SteamID in the view option of your Stream Client. Choose settings from the dropdown menu, Now, find the “Display Steam URL address when available” in the interface. Save the URL, as the number with which the URL ends, is your SteamID. And now you can locate the folder of your SteamID for the screenshots.

Final Words

Hope we helped you in finding the Screenshot folder of your Steam. For any suggestions or queries please comment in the comment section.