How to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging Error

PS4 controllers are connected with your Play Station console wirelessly. They can be charged by many devices like laptops, PC or your Smartphone charger, including the console itself.

But, a lot of users have reported the issue that their PS4 controller is not getting charged properly. In this article, we have discussed all the possible reasons behind this issue and also how to troubleshoot this issue effectively.

What causes PS4 Controller not to charge?

Same as any other wireless device or controller, there can be a number of reasons because of which your PS4 controller is not charging properly. We have listed some of them below.

  • Error state: There is a chance that your PS4 controller may be in an error state because of which it is not able to get charged properly.
  • Charging Port: The charging port of the PS4 console, as well as the controller, might be broken.
  • Charging cable: The charging cable that you are using for charging the controller might be damaged or is not supplying the adequate amount of charge needed.
  • Batteries: Like any other rechargeable battery, the battery present in your console can drain out with time. As every battery has a life span. If you haven’t replaced your battery in a long time, then maybe this is the reason behind this issue.

12 Ways to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging Error

Before starting up with these listed solutions, we recommend you to check that your PS4 controller is not physically damaged, and if it is, we advise you to take it to the store and get it checked. Also, check all the connections in the PS4 are properly attached. We have explained all the solutions briefly in this article. Try them one by one to fix this issue.

1. Resetting your PS4 Controller:

It is better to try simple methods before switching to complicated ones like altering with the controller’s batteries and wires. In this solution, we are going to reset the settings and configurations of the PS4 controller.

Usually, there are default settings in the PS4 controller, which are the settings and configuration preferred by most players. To reset your controller, follow these steps.

Step 1: First, ensure that your PS4 controller is disconnected from any charging port or console.

Step 2: Now, turn around your controller and look for the reset button at the back.

Step 3: Once you have found the reset button, press it with the help of a small pin or toothpick and release it after holding for a few seconds.

After a few seconds, try to charge your controller again and see if the issue is resolved or not.

2. Power Cycling your PS4:

If the above-mentioned method didn’t work for your PS4 controller, then maybe the fault is in your PS4 console because of which your controller is not properly charging.

A lot of users have claimed that power cycling helped them in fixing the PS4 console. In power cycling, the console gets completely restarted, and all the previous temporary configurations and settings get erased. Here are the steps to perform power cycling.

Step 1: Turn off your PS4 controller as well as the console normally.

Step 2: Now, plug out the main power supply wire from the socket of the console and leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 3: For draining the entire energy of the PS4 console, press the PS4 power button and hold it for about  30 seconds.

Step 4: After some time, reconnect everything and turn on the console and controller.

Now, see if the PS4 controller is charging or not. If not, switch to the next method.

3. Checking your Connecting Wire:

As we have mentioned earlier, one of the most common causes of this problem to occur is the damaged charging cable. Like any other electronic device, PS4 also gets charged with the help of a connecting wire, which we also call a USB cable. And this connecting cable can stop working due to physical damage or after a long run of use.

To check if the connecting cable is damaged or not, we advise you to try replacing it with any other USB cable, like your phone charger, which is in a good working state. If the PS4 still doesn’t get charged, we recommend you replace the connecting wire with a new one. But if the fault is not in the connecting cable, switch to the next method.

4. Checking PS4 Charging Port:

Another common cause of this issue to appear after the faulty connecting cable is a faulty charging port. Till now, you have been trying to charge your PS4 controller with the help of the console.

Now, try charging it with the help of some other port like your phone or laptop charging adapter, as the damaged charging port present in the console can cause this issue. If you are able to charge it with the other charging port, then the issue is with your console. You can reverse check it by charging your controller with another PS4.

If the problem is with your charging port, we recommend you get it checked by some professional. Don’t try to troubleshoot the problem by yourself.

5. Replacing PS4 Batteries:

If any of the above-mentioned solutions didn’t work for you, then maybe it is time to replace your PS4 batteries. Like every other primary battery, the PS4 battery can also get drained over time, and this can be the reason behind this issue.

Ensure that you buy the battery with the same specifications as the previous one; else it can physically damage your hardware system. If you are having any trouble in replacing the PS4 battery, find some YouTube tutorials about ‘how to change the PS4 battery’ and follow the instructions properly.

6. Measure AC Voltage:

The problem doesn’t need to be because of some hardware or batteries. It is very much possible that this issue can be due to the Voltage fluctuations in your area.

We advise you to check the Power rating in your area by using a multimeter, as there can be a possibility that your PS4 might not be receiving an adequate amount of current or voltage while charging. Wait until the power rating comes to normal if you’re having voltage fluctuations in your area.

The adequate Power rating is 120/240W, so make sure your PS4 charger is receiving it. And if you don’t know how to use a digital multimeter to measure the AC Voltage, we recommend you to find and watch YouTube tutorials about it and follow the mentioned steps carefully.

7. Check Controller Charging Port:

In some cases, it is possible that the fault is not in the console or USB cable but in the charging port of the PS4 controller itself and that your controller needs to be replaced. This can be easily checked by connecting another controller with your PS4 charging port with the help of the same USB cable from which you were charging your previous PS4 controller. Check if the PS4 controller is getting charge or not.

If the other PS4 controller is getting properly charged, then the fault is in the controller’s charging port and not any other part. You can try the solutions mentioned below. But if they don’t work for you, you must get in contact with Customer Support Service as you may need to change your controller’s charging port with a new one. And if they are not able to help you with this, then maybe you have to buy a new PS4 controller for yourself.

8. Clean the Charging Port:

If the above-mentioned methods didn’t help you with the controller, maybe it’s time to inspect the charging port of the controller. Now, try to plug the USB cable and see if it is perfectly fitting or somewhat loose.

The loose cable is a sign that the port might be damaged. Plug out the cable and see if there is any dust buildup or anything which is possibly causing the problem. You need to clean out the port if there is any. You can do this by yourself, but take care while doing so and try not to damage the controller.

How do I clean the charging port?

While cleaning the charging port, it is very important to do it as carefully as you can because the charging port is a very delicate part of the controller, and the charging pin on it can be easily damaged. Follow the below-mentioned steps to remove the dust buildup carefully from the charging port of the PS4 controller.

Step 1: Make sure that you have turned off the PS4 controller before starting this process.

Step 2: Now, take a can filled with compressed air containing a nozzle or straw and hold it a few inches away from the charging port.

Step 3: Give a few short bursts of air to the port so that any loose out dirt or buildup can be removed.

Step 4: Remove any remaining dust around the charging port with the help of a microfiber cloth.

Step 5: Now, wrap a slightly wet paper towel around a toothpick and start cleaning the inside of the charging port gently.

Step 6: Leave the controller for some time, so it can dry.

Step 7: Finally, plug back the USB cable back in the port after making sure it’s properly dry.

Check whether the controller has started charging or not. Switch to the next solution if this one didn’t work.

9. Plug into a laptop, PC, or portable power bank to charge:

It is also possible that the reason behind the incapability of the controller to get charged is because of the PS4, i.e., the PS4 is not able to supply the adequate amount of charging that is required by the controller.

You can plug your controller into any laptop, PC, or power bank as it can be connected to any of them using a USB cable. Ensure that the device from which you have connected the PS4 controller is of good quality, as it can start getting hot if not. Once your controller is connected to the charging device, check whether the controller is getting charged or not.

10. Remove PS4 from A Hot Surface:

It is very important to see that while charging your PS4 controller, it won’t sit on any hot surface or any other device which is in use and can get heated up anytime, as this can also be the issue behind PS4 controller won’t charge problem.

As the sensors of PS4 are on the backside of the controller and each component of the controller is connected through a wire, which can get easily melted if the controller is placed upon a hot surface. So keep this thing in mind while charging the PS4, and if this is not the case with you, switch to the next solution.

11. Charge Your PS4 Controller Upside Down:

One of the famous but also a weird solution that we have come across is charging your PS4 controller by placing it upside down. As strange as this may sound, it had worked well for some of the users. It is related to the fact when your PS4 controller’s charging port starts accepting power at a certain angle only.

It is still not explained why this happens in some of the controllers. So, place your PS4 controller upside down and connect it to the charger, see if the controller starts charging or not. If this solution also didn’t work for you, go ahead and try the last option.

12. Buy the PS4 charging station:

When your PS4 controller stops getting charged, it is also a possibility that the fault is in your USB cable, as we have previously explained. In such a case, we recommend you buy a new PS4 charging station.

With the help of the PS4 charging station, there will be no need to look out for a USB cable, as you can charge the PS4 controller via the controller ports. As it will cost about $15-$25, it is a much cheaper and better solution than buying a new controller, which is much expensive.


We hope that the above listed 12 solutions in this article helped you with PS4 Controller not charging error. It is advised that all these solutions will be done gently as the controller can get damaged easily. If you have any other suggestions or any queries, comment down in our comment box.