13 Best MovieWatcher Alternatives to Watch Free Movies

Enjoying your favorite movies and shows is almost everybody’s favorite thing to do. It is a perfect escape from hectic real life. How cool it sounds that you can have every movie you want at your disposal, and that too for free.

The Internet is full of sites that give you the advantage to watch full-length movies and series without any cost. One such site is MovieWatcher, which gives you the freedom to watch full HD movies for totally free. Top-rated, new releases, old classics- all kinds of stuff is available. Various genres are also given.

In fact, you can filter the lists in different ways such as ratings, year, release date, actors, and more. It also supports a number of devices. It provides certain links to you for each movie that you can use to stream the movie.

13 Best MovieWatcher Alternatives

However, the site may crash or face some other issues impairing its accessibility, which requires knowledge about its alternatives. Given below are the 13 best alternatives to MovieWatcher.

1. Primewire

Primewire is one of the best and most popular platforms to explore different movies and stream them online in a high-quality picture for free. The collection ranges from classics to the latest trending stuff. The lists are maintained according to genres, release date, and even country.

These can be filtered in different ways. You can sign up and buy premium which gives you access to some additional features such as voting and commenting, thus, allowing interaction with other users. You can search for the movie you want to watch through the search bar. Hence, you can see that Primewire is undoubtedly the right choice for movies.

2. PandaMovie

PandaMovie is another widely used site for its high quality and free of cost streaming service.It has a massive collection of movies and TV shows with thousands of titles to choose from. It enables you to watch full-length movies and all the latest episodes of a series.

You can navigate what you want to watch using the search option or directly click the title from the lists given under different sections. The list can also be sorted according to the year of release.PandaMovie gives you a number of options and features to make the experience better and usage easier.

3. GoMovies

GoMovies serves as a superb platform for achieving accessibility to high-quality films without having to pay a single penny. The site is updated routinely to make the newest releases a part of its assortment of movies. You may not be able to play these latest releases in a low resolution only.

The downside of this site is its advertisement-supported services. Despite this disadvantage, it makes a great alternative to MovieWatcher with respect to its features and content.

4. Vidics

Vidics is the right choice if you are searching for a place allowing you to use its streaming services for free. It airs a number of movies and TV shows. It also serves as a news portal related to the entertainment industry. All the categories of genres such as Drama, Family, Horror, Mystery, and many more- are given under the Genre section.

A schedule for the upcoming movies is given at the top. It requires you to have a DivX Player or Flash Player for viewing the content. Lagging may occur if you do not have a good internet connection. Overall, it is a decent option to use for the online streaming of movies.

5. HouseMovie

HouseMovie is a perfect destination that allows not only you to stream online but also download your favorite movies for free. It has over four thousand titles present. You can play the content in high quality. For every movie, its genre, release date, and a brief description of the plot is given.

This website has a good recommendation system as well. With HouseMovie, it is very easy for you to discover and enjoy any movie you like.

6. SeeHD

SeeHD is a great platform providing free streaming of its decent collection of movies. It gives you links via which you can play the movie. There is no need for any registration, and you can view the content in good quality.

The site is updated with new and trending content that can be easily discovered from the trending box. Genres such as Adventure, Crime, Music, Documentary, History, and others are listed as well. You can navigate the movie according to the year in which it was released.

IMDb ratings are also displayed, making it easier for you to select among the long list. Separate lists for movies and TV shows can be displayed on the screen.

7. YesMovies

YesMovies attracts a large audience that utilizes its streaming service without any signup required. The collection consists of media obtained from third-party sources without any storage on its authentic server.

Here, you can find a vast variety of movies and TV series that can be investigated according to the genre or country. Top IMDb list is present that you can use to watch the top-rated stuff.

Other than Hollywood movies, YesMovies also provides access to Bollywood and movies from other countries as well. These properties contribute to the maintaining position of YesMovies among the list of best streaming sites.

8. HDMoviesPoint

HDMoviesPoint is another website that can be used for streaming purposes without going through any difficult steps. All movies are free to watch and can be played in high definition.

This platform boasts a huge collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, and even regional movies and TV shows. One of the key features is the presence of dubbed versions of South Indian films and dual audio function. You can also request a movie if it is not available.

9. Movie4u

This stunning platform lets you take a leap into the universe of movies and allows you to stay there for as long as you want. In simple words, Movie4u can be used for streaming online endlessly.

It is a free website and provides a huge collection of HD quality films and TV shows. The best thing about this website is that there is no disturbance caused by advertisements. You are also able to download the movies, but you need to make an account for that. There is no doubt that you are going to love Movies4u, and all goes to its brilliant features.

10. Niter

Niter is one of the leading platforms in streaming websites that enables you to access entertainment-related media totally free of cost. All the movies and shows are available in amazing quality. Content is divided according to ratings, popularity, release date, and year.

New content is added to the site daily. With Niter as your go-to streaming service, you don’t have to miss out on any of your favorite stuff.

11. Movie2k

Movie2k is one of the top alternatives to MovieWatcher allowing you to view the content from its phenomenal library without any payment. It has old classic stuff available. Plus, the site is upgraded with the latest stuff without making you wait.

You can explore the movies and shows using different genre categories. The list can be sorted by country or year of release. It also depicts news related to various shows and movies. In nutshell, Movie2k brings the best of the streaming service to you.

12. HugeMoviesdb

HugeMoviesdb is home to more movies than you can imagine. Its database is packed with content belonging to the old times as well as the newest releases.

It basically gives you the links to other sites where you can actually play the movie rather than hosting the media on its own server. Ratings and year of release of the movies appear on your screen. This site is a superb alternative to MovieWatcher for streaming online.

13. Movie4k

This popular website is growing more and more each day in terms of both users and content. You can find here every movie and show that you can probably imagine. It provides a streaming service without having to buy any packages and in high quality.

This platform, like some others, gives you a set of links through which you can view the content. In case, one link is broken you can quickly switch over to the other without spoiling the mood. Movie4k is a splendid form of streaming service for all movie lovers.


There is no doubt about how enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows have become one of the most interesting ways to pass time. An enormous number of platforms have been created to allow users to enjoy the benefit of being able to watch anything, anytime and anywhere.

MovieWatcher and its alternatives like Movie4k, Primewire, SeeHD, PandaMovie, YesMovies, HouseMovies, and others are included in the list of top streaming websites. You can access these sites worldwide and use the features and options without any limit.