10 Best MangaPark Alternatives To Read Free Manga Online

Manga refers to the comic books or graphic novels that were originally produced in Japan a long time ago. This has been used as a source of entertainment since the old times.

Manga is usually published in black and white. Earlier people had to purchase books in order to read the content of the comic or novel. But in today’s world, all of this stuff is accessible with just a few clicks.

Sites such as MangaPark allow you to read Manga for free, anytime and anywhere. It has over thirty thousand titles to explore. You can bookmark the page you last read. Information such as the rating of the Manga, views, name of the author, and summary of the story is given under the title.

10 Best MangaPark Alternatives

Due to several reasons such as non-accessibility, you may look for an alternative to MangaPark. This article tells you about the 10 best alternatives to MangaPark.

1. MangaStreaming

MangaStreaming is an excellent option to cater to your desire to read Manga online for free. It has worked for over a decade, with more and more improvement over time.

The collection is huge, and you can explore your favorite Manga from the different categories of genres such as Adventure, Action, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, and many more. You can also select the Manga according to the ratings provided. The best part about this site is that the content is available in different languages to read.

2. MangaFox/FanFox

MangaFox or FanFox is a well-known site for reading manga for free online. It has a subtle interface making it easy to use. The design of the website is also quite appealing.

You can browse the Manga you want to read using the search box. Different genres such as Comedy, Fantasy, School Life, Supernatural, Show, etc., are also given at the top. They are enlisted with a large number of titles.

New content is added to the collection without any delay. The home page shows the list of ‘Hot Manga Releases’ so you don’t have to search for the trending stuff separately. Such features make it a great alternative to MangaPark.

3. KissManga

KissManga is website created specifically for manga fans to read Manga no matter the place or time, limitlessly. It has a huge database loaded with the greatest of the collections. This content is divided according to a number of genres such as Drama, Action, Thriller, and more.

An advanced search option is also given where you can type the name of the Manga. For every Manga, its genre and a brief description of the story is provided. You can share your favorite Manga on various social media platforms.

There is an option for you to switch between the dark and light themes, whichever suits you the most. You can also request a manga if it is not available on the site.KissManga serves as one of the best alternatives to MangaPark.

4. Manganelo

Manganelo is a popular platform that gives you the freedom to access its massive collection of Manga without the need to have an account. It has a clean layout with different sections for new releases and popular content.

Millions of titles are available for you to read without any difficulty. In fact, anime is also a part of the collection. One of the key features of this website is that it not only allows you to read but also discuss with other users online on various topics related to manga and share reviews.

Thus, social networking is possible with it as well. Ratings for different Manga are given. Search option is present as well. Using Manganelo for reading Manga is surely worth it.

5. MangaReader

MangaReader is a fantastic place where you explore, select and read the Manga of your choice endlessly. You can choose from an enormous collection of titles.

It scans the new comic files and books routinely to keep the users updated with all the stuff that is trending. Files are also categorized according to popularity. Through the advanced search option, you can navigate anything you want to read.

It has high-quality images included in the content. Unseemly ads may appear on the website, but otherwise, you shall love this site for its collection and features.

6. MangaDex

MangaDex is another platform with a great collection of Manga that you can read anywhere around the globe. It is a very efficient website for viewing your favorite Manga and being able to access all the trending stuff on time.

With new features and improvements in its interface and design, this website is becoming more and more popular among all manga lovers. Ads are problematic sometimes but once you get used to them, MangaDex won’t let you down with its top-class collection and features.

7. Mangapanda.com

Mangapanda is a great website to enjoy free Manga without any hassle. It attracts a large audience with over 3 million users at present. The reason for this popularity is its stunning interface and simple, easy-to-use design.

You can bookmark the last content that you read. History can be accessed anytime. A long list of genres is also given, and under each, a large number of titles are available. Some adult ads do appear and may be disturbing. Overall, Mangapanda is a superb alternative to MangaPark.

8. MangaTown

This website also serves as an excellent alternative to MangaPark. It features a huge collection of Manga that can be accessed without having to register.

The latest releases are uploaded without the need to wait. You can explore all the genres such as Adventure, Love, School, Sci-Fi, and more. You can even navigate the Manga using the initial alphabet of its name from the manga directory.

You have the option to bookmark pages and subscribe as well, but you can do it only after logging in or signing up.MangaTown is a decent option to go for in terms of collection and features related to Manga.

9. Viz Media

Viz app is a platform that enables you to buy and read Manga online on its free app that can be used on both android and iOS.It has a great collection of all kinds of manga-related stuff belonging to different sorts of genres. Apart from Manga, there is also loads of anime content.

You can use this app as your constant source of entertainment for Manga and anime-related media. You will face absolutely no hassle while using this application. It has a brilliant interface and design as well making it one of the best choices.

10. MangaOwl

MangaOwl is a quite famous website used for manga reading purposes. It has a vast number of titles to choose from. It has a fast update process. You can go through the ratings before viewing a particular manga and even give your own after reading one. This serves as a great assistance.

You can bookmark the page that you left reading from. MangaOwl won’t let you down as an alternative to MangaPark and in general as well which can be attributed to its superb features.


Manga was developed in Japan a long time back and has been gaining popularity ever since. It attracts more and more audiences. Credits for this fame can also be given to the advancement in the world of the internet which allows you to access Manga anytime and anywhere.

Sites such as MangaPark, MangaTown, KissManga, and many more provide free access to Manga. Platforms requiring payment are also present. All these sites vary in their features, interface, design, and content.