Top 15 LetMeWatchThis Alternatives

LetMeWatchThis is one of the most popular and well-known websites for watching movies and television shows online. It doesn’t cost the viewers anything. It was one of Primewire’s three platforms. PrimeWire and 1Channel are the other two options.

LetMeWatchThis Alternative 

Streaming old and new English movies to a wider audience increases the number of viewers of all ages, regardless of their age.


Users from all over the world can access the material because it is available in a variety of languages and is not restricted to those who speak English as a first language. It’s one of the government-banned websites, so it’s considered illegal.

However, the site’s administrators didn’t give up and kept renaming the domain to keep the site active.

Furthermore, the website is unsafe to use because it doesn’t ask permission from the owners of the content before uploading it. Advertisements and click-through rates generate revenue for the site’s owners.

All of the content is categorised, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for, regardless of the IMDB rating. It ensures that the audience is kept up to date on the latest developments. These are the two primary reasons for the rapid increase in traffic to this site.

Due to technical issues on both sides, many viewers find it difficult to watch content from the piracy website. There are a plethora of proxy servers for this website, which contributed to the sudden drop in traffic. LetMeWatchThis demise prompted viewers to look for alternatives.

LetMeWatchThis Replacements

The following is a list of the 15 options:

1. Movies

Movies and television shows are featured on this site. The fact that this website is completely legal is a major selling point for potential customers.

Public domain movies can be watched on this site because they are freely available to everyone. As a result, the search engine offers videos from its external partners as well.

There is no charge to access the content. Viewers in certain countries may need a VPN to get better video quality and service when streaming content. It provides regular updates on the most recent movies and television shows for the benefit of its viewers.

2. The Solar Film

If you are looking for a site that is similar to LetMeWatchThis, this one is for you. Solar movies are featured in films and television programmes.

This service is completely free for all of its users. Content published on this website has been divided into a number of different genres, such as action, drama, and comedy.

Users appreciate the high quality of the newly released videos, and this makes it possible for them to obtain the movies for free. In countries like India, Hong Kong, Korea, and France, it is legal to watch.

The site is easy to use due to the fact that advertisements and pop-ups are not displayed to visitors.

3. 24

This is one of the most popular streaming sites for content related to television shows and films. Having an illegal website that leaks new movies, TV shows, and series online is a problem for the production company.

Movies can be downloaded from this app. According to reports, the website attracts 24 lakh visitors each year, allowing its owners to profit from click-through rates and advertisements.

4. Films by FMovies

It was launched in the year 2016. It is known to be similar to the solar movie online streaming website.

Similar to Youtube’s dark mode feature, this website gives users the option to view content in total darkness. Its website does not charge for access to or download of any of its content.

India, Sweden and Australia are some of the countries where this website is blocked. Some people don’t like this website because of the constant advertisements and pop-ups that keep popping up.

5. Time for Popcorn!

Among BitTorrent clients, it’s one of the most widely used ones. Alternate servers are available for users to download content from. Users will always prefer this site because it does not have any advertisements or pop-ups, which is one of the main reasons for this.

This allows users to browse at their own pace and without interruption. There is no charge for viewing or downloading the content streamed online by the site’s users. Several countries, including the United Kingdom, Israel, and Denmark, have blocked access to this website.

6. Popcorn Flix

Screen Media Ventures, the company that launched it in 2010, currently owns it. It’s treated as if it were a fancy version of movie night, complete with glitz and glam.

This website can be accessed from anywhere in the world, including the United States and Canada. Streaming movies and television shows can be found on this site.

If you want to see what it has to offer, you can do so without paying anything. It’s easier for viewers to find what they’re looking for because the content has been categorised. It ensures that the content it provides is updated on a regular basis.

7. MoviePass

It’s a website that lets users read reviews of movies, TV shows, and other media. Content can be viewed in HD quality if desired by the user. Viewing is free for everyone who uses it. The website’s dark mode feature is a big hit with viewers.

Users will have no trouble finding what they’re looking for. There are rumours that it resembles This website contains banners and pop-ups. A VIP subscription is available for those who want to watch without being bothered by advertisements and pop-ups.

8. Snag Films 

Ted Leonsis founded it in the middle of 2008. Movies, TV shows, reality shows, documentaries, and more can all be found on the site. Washington D.C., the United States, was known to have one of the fastest-growing companies. Subscription fees are not required to use the website.

A subscription is required in order to view the content free of advertisements. There were no longer any ties with the production companies, producers, or other content owners after it closed in May 2020.

9. OpenLoad TV for Free

Easy to use and navigate website containing movie and TV series content. This website hosts a wide variety of films from around the world, including Bollywood, Korean, and more. It ensures that the most recent information is provided.

Movies and TV shows are categorised by genre and year of release so that viewers can easily find their favourites. Access to the content’s ratings is simple. There is no charge for anyone to use the website’s services. This site also hosts movie trailers.

10. PutLocker

Viewers can use it for free because it is one of the websites that hosts files. Movies and TV shows can be watched on-demand through this website.

It was first launched in the United Kingdom in the year 2011. There were a number of years where it could not be accessed. To keep the website active, the domain name was changed several times.

The site is currently stable. The website’s usability has been praised by its visitors. The selection process is usually straightforward for users. Users have a plethora of genres and subcategories to choose from when it comes to the content they can watch.

11. Afdah

It is not a video-streaming website in the traditional sense. It is a web scraper that directs users to other websites that host content such as movies, series, TV shows, music, sports, political news, science fiction, and other genres of fiction online.

Because the site is a third-party platform, it serves as a resource for viewers looking for a specific piece of content. It’s an Indian torrent website where users can download things they shouldn’t.

12. Panda Streams

Movies and TV shows from the latest seasons can be found here. Except for a few, almost every country has access to it. For its customers, it is a software development firm that specialises in online video solutions.

Users can leave comments or reviews on the content they’ve seen, which can be helpful to other users in making a decision about whether or not to watch it.

A user’s rating of a piece of content will be reflected in the overall rating, giving other users guidance on whether or not to watch it. The only thing that bothers users about this website is the constant interruption of advertisements and pop-ups.

13. The Ganool

Telugu, Korean, Malayalam, Japanese, animation, and Thai-based movies can be streamed online at this website. The website does not have a subscription fee of any kind. Users can watch and download movies in high definition quality.

ganool has been shut down numerous times, just like every other streaming site that is pirated. Ganool has so many clones that it is impossible to identify the original website.

The website does not require users to create an account. It can be accessed on a computer or a mobile device. Within an hour of the initial release of the content, it illegally distributes the most recent version.

14. The CoolMovieZone 

One of the most well-known sites for illegally distributing new releases just a few hours after their initial release is Pirate Bay.

Action, thriller, horror, crime, romance, mythology, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and animation are some of the film’s subgenres, as are action, fantasy, and animation.

As a result of frequent domain name changes and hacking issues, traffic to this website has decreased recently. It’s widely regarded as the best place to watch movies and TV shows online without interruption.

Since 2016, the site has been blocked in the UK and India. This website offers free downloads of the most recent movies and television shows. Viruses were allegedly found in its proxy servers. However, the website itself is free of viruses and malware.

15. 123movies

It is well-known that it has gained a large number of visitors as a result of the popularity of its film content.

Since the official website was shut down in 2018, the site is still accessible through its mirrors. You can also find this website under the names GoStreaming, MeMovies, and 123MoviesHub.

According to Google Trends’ records, it is the most frequently searched website as of right now.. Movies and television shows are among the offerings. Ads and pop-ups that are displayed at a high frequency often leave users dissatisfied.

This website can’t be accessed from many countries because of censorship. Even though this site has been hacked, users still access it via antivirus software or virtual private networks.


LetMeWatchThis has a number of well-known competitors. All websites are geared toward providing the best possible service to their customers.

Users must use a secure VPN to access the above-mentioned websites in order to keep their devices safe from viruses and other problems while browsing. Bmovies, Movie House, SeeHD, Viewster, and a slew of other services are viable alternatives to LetMeWatchThis.