12 Best BedPage Alternatives to Use in 2023

Using BedPage, buyers and sellers from all around the world can find each other and conduct business online. The terms and conditions can be agreed with by both parties.

Users can easily and quickly submit their classified ads in a variety of different categories using this website. Potential buyers flood the seller’s phone after he or she posts an ad.

It appeared as a new giant of classified advertisements when Backpage was shut down, but because of several internal and phoney profile concerns, people concluded that Bedpage was not the right location to go for.


Alternatives to BedPage in 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 alternatives to Bedpage to make up for this major setback. All of the options on this list are excellent in their own way. So, without further ado, let us get started.

1. FinderMaster

FinderMaster should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking for a place to post classified advertising.

An easy-to-use interface with a modern style presents all of the categories and sections that you may use to find your goods or service on our classified site. FinderMaster also provides a map that you can use to navigate the site.

2. ClassifiedFactor

Easy-to-use classified advertisements site ClassifiedFactors. A relatively new product, it has gained a lot of traction in the last several years. Free services and products can be found on this site. Simply submit an open ad, and you’re ready to sell your wares.

ClassifiedFactor requires that you register for a free account before you can post any classified advertisements. Ads will pop up from time to time, but they won’t irritate you much because they normally match the user’s interests.

3. Backpage

Backpage is a massive job board where you may post and look for as many jobs as you want for free.

There is no doubt that Backpage’s ad search and posting mechanism was incredibly flexible and straightforward, which assisted in connecting many potential buyers and sellers from all over the world. Backpage

If you’re looking for something specific on Backpage, you may do it by browsing the various categories, while job seekers should check out the posit ad section.

Using Backpage is a great way to promote and market your goods because it allows you to connect with millions of people.

4. Oodle

In addition to Craigslist and Kijiji, Oodle is a classifieds website. Among the many sources it draws upon are classified ads from regional dailies, top online publications, and publications from around the world. All of this contributes to the growth of their classified ad database.

As a result, it facilitates online commerce in which participants can work out a transaction on their own terms. As of right now, this service is only available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few Asian nations.

In addition, Oodle has a solid system for putting up the advertisements. Your advertising and the reasons for putting them need to be described in detail before they may be listed.

5. OLX

OLX is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell items in your area. If you don’t want to go to the market to buy something, consider using OLX instead. It’s one of the greatest places to buy and sell classifieds because of the large selection of items listed and the large number of people who use it.

You can publish advertising for free and connect with possible buyers or sellers on our site, too, because it is completely free. OLX is one of the largest online marketplaces for linking buyers and sellers to conduct business and come to an agreement.

6. Gumtree

In the UK, Gumtree is a classified ad service that is exclusively available online. Only UK residents are eligible to use the site’s services. Ads from other nations can be found in its classifieds, but they make up a larger percentage of its business than any other.

It, too, gathers data from local newspapers and other sites and connects you with buyers and sellers in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can make a phone call to the other party.

When using Gumtree, you may save jobs for later review, share them on social media, and communicate directly with buyers and sellers. When searching for a rental flat, Gumtree might be your go-to resource as well.

7. Publish

Adpost, as the name suggests, is a system that allows users to solely post advertising. You can, however, both search and publish classified advertising on the site. Adpost tells you about the most current ads that match your interests.

Creating an account with Adpost allows you to post as many ads as you like on the platform. Adpost isn’t completely free; there are fees based on the order in which ads are shown.

8. Recycler

Classifieds and advertising can be placed on Recycler, a specialised portal. Recycler is for products that have been previously used and are of any type. However, Recycler’s system is fairly similar to other classified websites, except that it solely deals in second-hand and used goods.

All kinds of ads and classifieds are available in this section, including those for vehicles (rental or otherwise), homes, and more. You may not be able to use Recycler if you live outside of its service area.

However, if it covers your area and you’re seeking for secondhand things of any kind, Recycler is an excellent choice.

9. Freeads.com

Another web-based network, US Freeads, lets you browse through tens of thousands of ads while also allowing you to post your own. US Freeads is a great site for both buyers and sellers to find each other and work out a bargain.

Numerous classified ads are posted every day, covering a wide range of topics such as cars, jewellery, dogs and other animals, real estate and other chances for entrepreneurship as well as home design.

All of stuff is provided free of charge. US Freeads is a great place to sell and purchase items fast and easily. When you’re ready to purchase something.

All you have to do is click on the ad and you’ll be connected to the seller, who will let you work out the details of the purchase, including the terms and conditions, shipping details, and payment method.

10. Domestic Sales

The domestic market is unique in this respect. There are no spam or scam advertising or classifieds for users to see. That is to say, it ensures the validity of the data. It features adverts for anything from trucks and vehicles to business opportunities to real estate.

In order to market your goods, you only need to visit their official website and follow the instructions to get your ad published in real-time, which is only a few clicks away.

11. Classifieds on eBay

With the backing of eBay, the web-based classified market known as Kijiji was born.

You may rapidly browse for local advertising in any category on eBay, and you can even post your own ads for trading. For both local and international purchases and sales, eBay features a user-friendly design that is straightforward to navigate.

You can even use the website to look for work for yourself by looking through the available positions posted there. You may effectively promote and market your products on eBay Classified, which is a frequently used site.

12. OfferUp

For free, OfferUp is a smartphone app that allows users to purchase and sell goods. The software makes it simple for vendors to connect with buyers and make money selling their goods.

At first, the smartphone app was very simple, but now it is utilised by millions of people all over the world. Cars, gadgets, cell phones, home decor and appliances are just few of the categories you’ll find here.


There are advantages and disadvantages to any website. We hope that the information provided here will assist you in finding the appropriate classified and advertising platform for your needs.

In addition to these, if you can think of any others, please do share them with us. Until then, get started and look for the best option for your situation.